All it takes is a break up 

To restart and realize

We are important to each other. 



Where am I?

I’m right here

Beside you

Why you still worried?

I’m  right here.

To listen to your rants

To hold you

When you want to be held

Why you so worried 

When I’m around 

As your friend ..

My art

took time to gather all your pieces together

took time to put them all together

my work of art, you are

my effort, my time put together 

I won’t let you break again

shatter into pieces 

then gather the sharp edges 

to make you whole again

Mine ..

In love with my words

Whispering little memories

Dear to me

In love with my thoughts

Holding meanings 

That assault me

In love with my sound 

Voicing the timbre of my life 

In love with my being

Sailing through this world

That makes it mine.


I will not give you more freedom, 

I wondered who is he to?

Have you wondered the same?

Do I give you freedom to be yourself with me..

Or you just be.. 

I feel confused when people say they are free with me 

Or I am with them

Do you take freedom with people 

Tell me how it works

Share your tales

Would love to know..